Sunday, August 7, 2011

zero to infinity

ive depressed
the accelerator
with my right foot-
no braking now.
Opening the throttle
all the way-
a tree is the first to bend
as i speed away,
as i arc and crease.
A hundred thousand words spill out!
Poetique streams by
on every side...
oh, my god the velocity
one can reach in todays
cars is unimaginable.
These windows were designed
for this, however,
and have distinctly revealed
the countryside, the city-
scape in infinite detail.
On with the autopilot for
a moment, ive got to grab a snack.
Im back, hands on the wheel,
living for the moment
that flies by- life
on the road- eternity measured
in miles per second.
This is the life,
with my stereo blasting. 

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