Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hurricane Meditation

The augmenting sound of
all of existence unending.

Escalation, the forces that push us together.
Enchantments, intoxications, decipherments
unwritten.  Joy in destruction, sugar tinted song
of night.  Oscurecer, an invitation
to dance.  Olvidar,
the voluptuous shapes of the almond
trees billowing in the wind.

O crescendoing.  To the
undoing of our easy dis
positions, til we tilt
our heads in easy ecstasy,
for I feel a wildness coming on:

razor eyelashes and sun-
burned cheeks.  Bone
necklaces break in the waves.
Your stories are appreciated,
creature, the eyes of winter fade away...

Scatter my light,
I'm still and obedient to my heart.

Won't you come closer?
Honeysuckle making noise in
the mouth of time, canoes rowing out
on my river.  On
your wild plains.
Feverstruck tongue
and I dripped a cave open.

Summoning you in the depths of song.

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